Past & Present Ministry Areas:

  •  Managua: Children’s Outreach Fund center, New church in Ciudad Sandino, Sewing Cooperative
  •  Tipitapa: Little Benjamin School and Bible Institute
  •  Masaya: Children’s Outreach Fund center
  •  Granada: Church work Bible Institute extension site and Arco de Bronze Elementary school
  •  Acoyapa: Bible Institute extension site and vocational training
  •  Nueva Guinea: rural churches in 4 communities
  •  San Carlos: target city for new church planting
  •  Somotillo: Bible Institute Extension site
  •  Alamikamba: Miskitu tribal evangelism and River Transportation Project

Here is a brief capsule of what we have done in Nicaragua over the years in sort of time line, sort of narrative form.

  • 1991: Habitat for Humanity, housing projects in Esquipulas and Bluefields
  • 1993: Agua Para La Vida, potable water projects outside of Rio Blanco
  • 1995 - 1997: Church planting and development work in communities outside of Nueva Guinea, RAAS. New churches in Yolaina, El Serrano. Community seed banks and agricultural extension, medical work
  • 1998 - 2002: Vocational Training and Construction Projects. We carried out a wide range of construction projects associated with the Managua Christian Church including schools, clinic and hospital. Vocational work focused on training young men in the basics of welding and metal fabrication. The training was carried out in an apprenticeship setting were they earned as they learned. The vocational shop eventually took on such diverse projects as mass production of fuel efficient wood burning cook stoves, aluminum cargo boats for river transport and many types of prefab building components. Some Highlights from this period include:
    • - 1998 - Hurricane Mitch and associated relief efforts
    • - 1999 - Marcus and Ann get married
    • - 1999 - The Little Benjamin School in Tipitapa is started
    • - 2000 - First of six large aluminum cargo boats completed in vocational training shop
    • - 2000 - Tipitapa Church started
    • - 2001 - William Pearson born
  • 2003 - 2005: During this time the Tipitapa school grew to over two hundred students and began to offer full primary education from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Also during this time we formed, trained and inserted a church planting team into the city of Granada.
  • In June 2004 we began to visit the Miskitu tribal communities in the east coast of Nicaragua beginning with a relief effort for villages affected by flooding. We have continued to visit the area doing evangelism and survey work for future projects.
    • - Amelia Pearson was born in September 2003.
    • - During this period we also had opportunity to initiate pilot projects in biogas and biodiesel production.
  • June 2005 – 2006: Home leave in USA. Marcus made several trips back during this time to oversee continuing projects
  • 2007: Tipitapa school expands to include high school, 420 students total
  • 2008: Establishment of a new Christian Elementary School “Arco De Bronce” in the City of Granada
    • - Community Christian Church in Ciudad Sandino is founded, Carlos Tercero, Evangelist
    • - Water projects in Masaya, San Bartolo, Tasba Pauni
  • 2009: 15 acre mission base site purchased outside of Tipitapa
    • - Water projects in La Agricola and Limbaika
  • 2010: Harvest Community School established en the new settlement of Marvin Salazar Sur, San Benito
    • - Harvest Initiative incorporated in Missouri, Pearsons on home leave
  • 2011 - Present Pearsons return to Nicaragua, Diriomo high school construction with Opportunity International, Base Site development, water projects in RAAN
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